Don’t look at me with that tone of voice, it’s a Good Luck Chuck review


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This movie wanted to be a screwball comedy, but it was just too disgusting and sexist (and disgustingly sexist and sexistly disgusting) for its own good.


Jessica Alba plays the “goofy awkward klutz” character pretty well. Unfortunately, the rest of the cast was so awful that I wish I could take 3 points off for them.


I couldn’t find any negative things to say about the visuals. Sorry, guys.

For some reason, I sat through some of the DVD bonus features afterwards and learned that there were only about 5 actual penguins in this movie. They just replicated them over and over and over. I couldn’t tell during the movie, so that’s pretty cool, I guess.

Product Placement

Enough stuff sprinkled throughout that I was able to take a point off.


Of all the movies I’ve seen that are nothing like their trailer…well, this is it.

This movie would get a 1 here even if this section was just called “Watchability”.


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11 comments on “Don’t look at me with that tone of voice, it’s a Good Luck Chuck review

  1. what? I love this movie… how’s it sexist? I mean his buddy is messed up… but I don’t see it being really sexist… it’s so wrong it’s funny… but now I want to see the trailer to see what you’re talking about…

  2. I can’t disagree with anything in your review, or defend the film’s many many flaws but, for reasons I can’t even begin to fathom, I enjoy the hell out of this movie. It’s like junk food. I know it’s bad for me, I know it has no value whatsoever but I just can’t help myself from gorging on it occasionally. Don’t judge me.

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