Say cheese, it’s a Gone Baby Gone review


Why yes, I am a bit embarrassed at the silliness of today’s post title. Thanks for asking!


This whole story seemed very disjointed, like the second act wasn’t completely connected to the beginning and end.


The way they kept throwing around names, in some cases more than showing the characters they belonged to, was confusing.

It was hard to keep up with everyone is what I’m saying.


There were a few dark scenes where it was hard to tell what was going on, but most of the film wasn’t like that.

Product Placement

Nothing to report.


A disjointed plot, an unsatisfying ending, some disturbing imagery in the second act…there’s not much to bring me back to this one.

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  1. I grew up in the downtown Boston neighborhoods where this all takes place. I would have to agree about it being a disjointed film. When I first watched this I thought it was as if two different stories were being told. However, the dialects are as close to Boston as you will ever get in a movie. They cast a lot of real local people not just actors who studied how to sound like they are from the various neighborhoods. The rhythm is spot on. It’s definitely an authentic portrayal of life in that city in many ways – I would even go so far as to say a very good example of the “disjointed life” that actually does exist in the the neighborhoods there.

  2. I recently watched this for the first time and was quite disappointed. It’s a raw and unglamorous portrayal of life in Boston but I didn’t really connect with the story as I’d expected to. I also disliked how Michelle Monaghan’s character ditched Casey Affleck after he made his decision. I couldn’t get past what a dick move that was.

    I liked the ending though. There’s no right or wrong answer to what he did. It makes you question your own morals and values. If there’s anything I’ll take away from this film, it’s the very last shot when Casey is sat on the sofa with the little girl, no doubt wondering if he made the right choice whilst her mother is out doing god knows what.

    But overall, I did want far more. The Town is still my favourite Ben Affleck directed film, with Argo second and this flagging behind.

  3. I’ve heard a lot about this film and was told it was proper good and it was one of the films that was listed as one of the 100 top thriller films I had to see in my media class when I was in college. Suffice to say I didn’t get around to watching it because at the time wasn’t too interested in watching films involving Ben Affleck, however after getting older and learning to appreciate thriller films I saw The Town and I liked that. And Argo last year was pretty good too.

    So how would you say this film compares to his other directed films?

  4. huh, you described it perfectly under the rewatchability section

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