Hide the vodka, it’s a Flight review



If they had somehow extended the plane crash scenes out for the entire length of the movie, it would have been a lot more interesting.


The copilot and his wife were incredibly annoying. I didn’t even like John Goodman’s character in this. I didn’t know that was possible!

Denzel Washington was decent, so I’ll only take off one point over all.


The shaking camera during the plane sequence was done to mimic the turbulence. Can’t fault a movie for that, now can I?

Product Placement

I’m taking a point off in the name of fairness, but all that fuss from Budweiser about them not liking their product being drunk (drank? drinked?) by a character behind the wheel was interesting, and shows that not all product placement is endorsed by the companies that make the products.

In a way though, non-solicited product placement is even worse, because it’s free advertising.


This film was so boring at times that it took me almost 5 hours to watch it because I kept pausing it to do other things. Still, the part of the movie that happens on the plane is good enough to sit through again.

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  1. Denzel’s the man and makes this movie awesome. The story falls apart in the last-act, but the rest of the movie still kept my interest. Good review.

  2. Overall, I think it’s a pretty solid movie. A little slow, and John Goodman’s character is actually not very interesting (never said that before). Regarding the co-pilot and his wife, I agree that they’re quite annoying–I think you could definitely make the case that this is intentional, but the film’s stance on religion is pretty ambiguous. That said, the film definitely has some strengths that make up for its weaknesses: the product placement issues obviously, the legal fallout and blame game from the crash, and what I think is a very solid ending sequence (which I won’t go into).

  3. Good review! I actually liked the fact that the whole film wasn’t about the crash itself. I went in knowing next to nothing about it except that there was a plane crash involved, so I expected it to be a very typical disaster-action film and was pleasantly surprised when it ended up so much different than that.

  4. I watched this last night and I’m still struggling with my thoughts on it. It certainly has strong points but I just can’t put my review into words yet.

  5. I liked the movie overall as well. I thought they portrayed Christians in a horrible light as usual, but Denzel was good. I also agree, John Goodman was gross lol. Very good review!!! I think Don Cheadle is the man!!!

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  7. Hide the vodka, You knew I was coming haha :D

  8. Flight was near-perfect until the final five minutes; Zemeckis blinked before the audience did. To say that nothing happens is probably not fair, though; as a character movie, Flight’s narrative arc is rooted in the internal life of its main character. We watch Denzel go from self-denail to self-actualization throughout the process. This is a movie that is entirely about the performance, and Denzel does not disappoint.

    • The ending jail scenes should have taken up more of the movie.

      I’m all for character studies, but this character spent too long being bad and really didn’t have enough of an explained reason for his sudden change of heart.

  9. I know I’m in the minority, but I really disliked this movie. Denzel Washington kind of kept me awake.

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