There’s little fantastic about Fantastic Four

NOTE: This review is of the Extended Edition, which contains about 30 extra minutes of footage not seen in theaters, such as Ben getting “dusted off” by his blind girlfriend with an artists’ brush while a sexy song plays.

NOTE 2: This review was accidentally posted for a few minutes on August 30th.


Way too much clunky “foreshadowing” going on in the beginning.

The general public was a little too accepting of the Fantastic Four once they were revealed…especially since they caused the disaster that revealed them in the first place.


I forgot the guy from The Future was in this. I don’t know why he’s in this, but he’s there.

The extended edition seemed to explore Ben’s difficulty with accepting his transformation, which was good.

I took a point off because the main characters spent more time fighting each other than the Avengers did they fought the bad guy.


The opening credits sequence on the Extended Cut were great.

The CGI is looking a little bad now, but at the time, it was right where it should have been, so no points off.

Product Placement

The “priceless” MasterCard reference really dates the movie, despite it not being that old.

Fresh Direct, People magazine and Kellogg’s Corn Flakes are small stuff compared to the product placement-laden extreme motorsports scene.


While the extended edition didn’t change Fantastic Four the same way the director’s cut changed Daredevil, it did make it slightly more tolerable.

6 comments on “There’s little fantastic about Fantastic Four

  1. I can’t say much, because I’ve only seen this once or twice before I ever reviewed anything for professionalism, however, I can say that I remember very much enjoying it for what it was

  2. I saw it and liked it about as much as you did. The story and characters were pretty clunky and while the special effects are pretty good, The Thing looks super fake. Nice review.

  3. My coworker loves to point out that Marvel screwed itself: Chris O’Donnell is now both the human torch and captain america. I think he carried this movie, because he made an awesome Torch.

    I hated the story, but liked the battles/rescue scenes. I think those got the comic book feeling right at least.

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