I face off against Face Off in today’s review

I had planned for this to be Nicolas Cage Week, but have found it best to postpone that for a while. Your loss, right?


It seems like they thought the title up first and the movie second, but even still, it’s a lot of fun if you go into it realizing it’s going to get a little ridiculous at times.


We all know that Nicolas Cage is great at being Nicolas Cage, but this film showed that John Travolta is great when he’s being Nicolas Cage.

I was a little disappointed that they didn’t keep their original voices when they switched bodies, though.


The special effects in this film are really good with the face-cutting off and whatnot, since it wasn’t CGI.

Product Placement

Let’s face it…there’s none here.

Okay, fine. I remember seeing a Coke can and Chiclets. But I really really wanted to make that joke.

EDIT: As I’m preparing this review, the Chiclets keep bothering me. Why were they always there? Why did nobody touch them? I have to take a point off.


I had been curious about this film ever since it came out, and, yet again, it’s one that I wish I had seen sooner.

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  1. The boat chase was pretty cool. Not too many boat chases in movies anymore.

  2. It’s A Fun Flick, Fo Sho, Sir. :) Glad You Enjoyed It!

  3. Even though parts of it are so over the top, it’s still John Woo’s best American-made film, no contest.

  4. it’s been a minute since I’ve seen that movie.. I remember the face cutting off grossed me out..lol

  5. I just bought this on blu-ray hahaha! This is one of my favorite movies, and I think it’s really the best of John Woo’s work. I mean, his HK stuff is classic, but this is him with a big budget and a tight script! I can’t really fault this movie, and that bit where Nic Cage walks onto the plane is just pure John Woo. I wonder how awesome this movie would’ve been if Chow Yun-Fat was somehow involved.

  6. Nic Cage is quite possibly the most skilled actor of this generation, he’s the Brando of today, a Best Picture candidate each and every year and…I’m just kidding. I must admit, though, his older movies are pretty good.

  7. Nice review of a movie I always enjoy watching. It never seems to get old and like you say Travolta is a pretty convincing Cage :)

  8. I never get tired of this one. Love Travolta as the bad guy; he looks like he is having a blast!

  9. What I loved about this film was the moment when the villain (at that time in Travolta’s face) realizes he can’t win. So he starts cutting his (the hero’s) face. That was just a brilliant, nasty little moment in hero/villain relations. I often think of it when I’m drafting a scene of personal confrontation like that.

  10. I just went back and watched this the other day while Sarah was working an event and I loved every minute of it. It’s so ridiculous and over-the-top but in a great way. Cage is having a blast, Travolta is having a blast, it’s tough not to have a blast with them. I will admit that at times I let it bother me that it’s impossible to do the procedure they do here, but then I snap back and remind myself to enjoy the ride.

    That said, I went back and watched Broken Arrow after watching this and totally regretted it. Broken Arrow does NOT hold up nearly as well as Face/Off. But I digress. Great review, bud! – Andrew

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