I’ll review Equilibrium myself, to make sure it gets done properly



What do you get when you combine The Giver and 1984? This movie.

It could have been better, but since I’ve seen Ultraviolet**, I know it could have been much worse, too.

**Same director, several similar story elements.


I think Taye Diggs didn’t get the fact that he wasn’t supposed to show any emotions during this movie.


A movie like this could have been drowning in CGI and special effects, but they kept it to a minimum.

Product Placement

They took special precautions to conceal the brand names on the cars that the Clerics drove around.


There was something a bit annoying about this movie, but I can’t quite pinpoint what it was. Perhaps watching it again in the future would make that feeling go away.


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12 comments on “I’ll review Equilibrium myself, to make sure it gets done properly

  1. I think that guy was hinting at the fact that he wasn’t on the pill either… just like all those folks in charge that basically got special treatment… because I’m like dude whats up with him… but then you’re all like woah now it makes sense… though it was really Angus Macfadyen that was really giving away the fact that something was up… I mean he was like totally freaking out in some scenes and like messing with them and junk… still such an awesome movie…

    • I think I’d like it more if I watched it again…and if I hadn’t paused it in the middle, fallen asleep, and then watched the second half the next day.

      • OMG! and I very rarely use that expression that’s how serious this is… you fell asleep during this amazing action packed crazy gun fights and sword fights movie? I worry about you…

  2. Actually given that it was a sleeper hit around the same era as the original Matrix, they should have swapped leads – Keanu Reeves could pull off acting as an emotionless killing machine thanks to his amazing emotive skills and Christian Bale would have made a better Neo. The cinematography and colour motiffs of Equilibrum were very consistent and the overall social commentary ala 1984 was quite well managed.

  3. Dude, this movie was great, I love the vibe of burning down the system and starting again. For me, this is better than The Matrix, which was cool of course but completely sabotaged by its sequels. Anyway, Equilibrium rocks.

    • It’s definitely one I’m sure I’d like more on repeated viewings. It wasn’t terrible by any means.

  4. Saw it, liked it, but I knew Taye Diggs was not taking his meds. It was interesting how anybody that was not taking there meds was wearing pretty colors lol. And the son was a great actor.

  5. The Equilibrium Drinking Game.

    Reference to a book: one drink.
    Reference to a movie: one drink.
    Reference to a book that was made into a movie: two drinks.
    Reference to a book that was made into a movie more than once: a drink for the book and one for every film version.

    ‘Reference’ isn’t the exact word I’d use, but the movie was sufficiently entertaining that I decided on ‘reference to’ as opposed to ‘shameless theft from’.

    • There’s nothing new under the sun. At least they molded everything they stole into a moderately entertaining story.

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