Requesting backup at the Die Hard review


Thought I’d end the year by marking off one of the films from my “I’ve Seriously Never Seen This Before” list.


For reasons mentioned in the following section, certain parts of this seemed to drag a bit, and by the last half hour, I was wondering why it was still going.


Everybody was great, but this film suffered a bit from too many characters. Twelve terrorists, thirty hostages, who knows how many police officers…it kind of took away from the whole “one guy in the tower on his own” aspect.


Typical visuals for a film from this time.

Product Placement

Yeah, yeah. A few things here and there. Most notably a Crunch bar and a Coke.


Now that I’ve seen it once, I don’t have to see it again…but I won’t purposely avoid it.

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  1. This is the only Christmas movie I bothered watching this year. It had been many years since I’d watched it and I did find it a bit dated. Still fun, though.

  2. Sure the movie’s cheesy, but I love it. In fact, it’s my favorite Christmas movie, JUST beating It’s a Wonderful Life. Glad you enjoyed it too. Great review / yippee ki yay motherf___er!


  3. Okay come on – this is a 3 all the way, and a total classic! Plus the greatest Christmas movie of all time! Okay, well, Gremlins is up there too, but come on!

  4. omg what is wrong with you… out of 3 stars it at least deserves a 5… though i have to say my favorite of the die hards was the 3rd one though the 4th one was pretty great too and i’m totally excited about the 5th one coming out… i mean bruce willis is amazing… and what i like best is it isn’t one man against the world… he usually has help in all of them which makes it more believable… just like bruce willis in RED, cop out, surrogates (well he was more on his own in that one)… and endless other incredible bruce willis movies… he is the most amazing man in the world!!!

  5. This is my Christmas movie, I demand 3. Come on, man. Bare footed. 3 star bare footed awesome!

  6. This should be 3/3!!! I demand higher

  7. We had a great time watching this again at Christmastime a couple of years ago. No, it’s not the greatest movie ever made, or even close to it. but it was fun. You definitely get a different perspective watching it years and years after it was originally made. You’re far less likely to suspend disbelief, for one thing. And knowing what happens makes it fun watching how things are foreshadowed or parodied.

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  9. […] decent action movie, sure, but a few too many parallels to Die Hard to be a […]

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