I’ll stuff this Despicable Me review in the crust

Despicable Me review

This review is a little bit old. Just thought you should know.


This would have worked better as a 5 minute short. As it is, it’s just an hour and a half of…not much happening.

I still much prefer 2010’s other “villain gone good” movie.


What is it with animated movies and annoying little sidekicks? This movie multiplied that by a billion.


This movie looks good. I’ll give it that much. Everything has a softness to it that usually isn’t found in computer animated movies.

Product Placement

NBC logo on the Jumbotron. That’s all.


This is the third time I’ve seen this, and I still just don’t like it all that much. Other people seem to love it, though.

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13 comments on “I’ll stuff this Despicable Me review in the crust

  1. I saw it for the first time last year just because I wanted to see what the hype was about. I thought it was decent, some of the humour worked and the minions were pretty decent. However compared loads of other CGI animated films,it doesn’t compared to Pixar or Dreamworks on their good days.

  2. well I agree that it’s not better than MegaMind but I loved the little minions… they were adorable… and it was cute for what it was…

  3. “What is it with animated movies and annoying little sidekicks?” –

    Well, the so called annoying little sidekicks, minions in this case, make the animated movies hilarious and fun to watch. The minions were a big part in making the movie enjoyable and funny and therefore they were given a larger role in the sequel ‘Despicable Me 2′.

  4. You can look forward then to the upcoming Minions movie in 2015 :)

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