This Contact review is an awful waste of space

Contact review

Let’s break up the “movies that start with the letter A” trend, shall we?


The first third is nothing but boring technical jargon, and the middle is nothing but a boring science vs. religion debate, the ending is more technical jargon with added silliness.


Did Matthew McConaughy win any “most useless character” awards when this came out?


They kept doing that…thing with the mirrors…which was kind of cool.

Product Placement

Cracker Jack made a brief appearance early on, and despite the prize being an oft-returned-to plot device, they never emphasized where it came from.


I’m going to bring back my “1s are reserved for awful movies” rule for this one, because, while it was boring, it didn’t make me angry.

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2 comments on “This Contact review is an awful waste of space

  1. I really didn’t like this movie either… it was so overdone… and boring considering what was going on… and then how they made it look when she does go out there was such a let down…

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