Find out what ‘reprehensible’ means with a Charlie Bartlett review

Charlie Bartlett review

I usually don’t follow through in my title promises, but here you go:

rep·re·hen·si·ble  – adjective: deserving of reproof, rebuke, or censure; blameworthy.


There’s a Mitch Hedberg quote that sums up the story here pretty well. This movie is “like pancakes. All exciting at first, but by the end you’re sick of it.”

Well, maybe “sick of it” is a little strong, but I really wanted to use that quote. The first act was great, but it never quite recovered from the boring second act.


Charlie Bartlett was the Ferris Beuller of 2008. This is only the second Anton Yelchin role I’ve actually enjoyed, even though it involved him doing a Ray Charles impression at one point.

Kat Dennings even managed to be likeable here.


Despite the indie vibes given off by the poster, this movie was, for the most part, conventional when it came to how it looked.

Product Placement

Charlie kept drinking some kind of soda but he consistently turned the nutrition facts toward the camera so I couldn’t tell what it was…which is what should always happen.


Speaking of Ferris Beuller (for those of you who skipped over the last two sections), I enjoyed this one about as much as I do Ferris Beuller’s Day Off. I didn’t exactly hate it, but I didn’t exactly like it either.


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8 comments on “Find out what ‘reprehensible’ means with a Charlie Bartlett review

  1. I felt kind of underwhelmed with this one when I saw it long ago. I hated all of the Harold and Maude references in this movie. I love Harold and Maude and this movie just reminded me of how I’d rather be watching that instead haha.

  2. Feels like it takes all of the same type of elements from other high-school movies, places them into one, and comes out okay enough not be a total rip-off. Good review.

  3. I actually quite enjoyed this one. And Ferris Bueller, which is one of the best movies EVER! How can you not love that one?! 😉

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