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Come over to the gray area with a Bulletproof review


NOTE: I just realized yesterday that several comments from you guys had gotten marked as spam. I thought I’d bring that up here, in case any of you were thinking I had deleted your comments…which would be totally rude.


Interesting concept**, not so interesting execution. It occasionally struggled to balance action and comedy, and most of the “comedy” was crude.

**That’s why there’s a score of 2 here.


Damon Wayans and Adam Sandler make a pretty decent team. Who knew?

A few of the other characters were a bit predictable, but sometimes predictability helps keep me feeling smart.


Remember when action movies didn’t have the camera shaking all over the place? Those were the days, huh?

Product Placement

There were enough strategically placed items to take at least one point off for.


This section in my notes was blank, which means I must have moved on to another movie afterwards and forgot to finish writing…which I think speaks for the memorable-ness of this one.

I guess I’ll elaborate and say that there are worse Adam Sandler movies out there.

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