Every man dies. Not every man reviews Braveheart

Braveheart review


I’m pretty sure they could have cut down on the running time by eliminating all the scenes where people deliberately took their time doing actions that should only take a few seconds or less.


Mel Gibson clearly had a great time playing his part. It was nice to see Brendan Gleeson in a slightly different role than I’m used to as well.


Everything looked like it was covered in dirt, just like the real ancient Scotland!**

**Disclaimer: I know nothing about the real ancient Scotland.

Product Placement

That would make absolutely no sense here.

Does it ever, though?


It was interesting, sure, but slightly too long to warrant multiple repeat viewings.

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4 comments on “Every man dies. Not every man reviews Braveheart

  1. I’ve seen this movie in bits a pieces… but never 100% from beginning to end… but I just remember liking that part where that queen starts talking in like french thinking Gibson wouldn’t be able to understand and he’s all like blam I speak your language too… I know it’s silly… but I liked it… :D

  2. Wow, I’m offended that you didn’t give Braveheart a perfect score. Of all the movies you’ve reviewed, this should have been one that got a 3. It’s a classic.

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