Brush up on your origami skills with a Blade Runner review


Note: This is a review of Blade Runner: The Final Cut.


Apparently it’s possible for a movie to be fascinating and uninteresting at the same time. Who knew?


I think the fascination mostly came from the good performances throughout the film.


Well done practical effects will get 3s out of me every time.

Product Placement

Coke, Budweiser, and Atari were everywhere.


I can’t quite explain it, but I’d watch this again anytime, despite it being a little boring.

15 comments on “Brush up on your origami skills with a Blade Runner review

  1. One of the best sci-fi movies ever made and one of my favorite movies of all time. Nice review.

  2. I absolutely love Blade Runner. But you’re right, certain parts are very uninteresting.

    Also, are you doing any Christmas movies this year? I just started a Christmas week with reviews on my favorite Christmas movies on my blog.

  3. I think this has got to be one of the most overrated movies of all time. It’s mostly a snoozefest. It took me three tries to even get through it. And the version with Harrison Ford’s voiceover is cringeworthy.

  4. One of my favorites. “I’ve seen moonbeams off the shoulder of Orion…..”

  5. It’s an uninteresting movie, but the production design is the real star of the show, leaving a legacy for all future sci-fi films and videogames to follow. Oh, and I learned that fake rain is awesome to cover up budget limits and make sets look gritty and real.

  6. I actually think the noirish tone works. Personally out of the four releases of this film, I want the cut with the narration and eye poking scene intact. The whole unicorn thing Is fine, but I don’t really care and I do not accept the premise that Dekkard is a replicant.

  7. Maybe it’s because I have a really short attention span but I was watching this and wanted to know what was going on but it just seemed to go a bit too slow for me to hang in there…

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