This Big Trouble review looks like a garbage disposal



If a movie’s plot is based on Dave Barry’s work, you can’t go wrong. He’s one of my literary heroes, and one of the reasons I got interested in writing to begin with.


If you’re looking for a movie where Stanley Tucci stuffs Sofia Vergara’s foot in his mouth, then do I have a film for you!

Usually, ensemble casts mean a mixture of really great and really bad characters, but this is one example where everyone was great, even though a few didn’t quite seem to get enough screen time.


I wasn’t expecting so many visual gags in this. The animatronics on the psychedelic frog were great, too.

Product Placement

Sadly, I must count off for the Fritos. I wanted to give this movie a 3 so bad. But, this is my scoring system, and I’m sticking to it.


This is one of those great movies whose box office success was destroyed by September 11th, thanks to timing and subject matter.

On an unrelated note, this DVD had the best bonus feature ever. A highly-edited version of the film that lasted 8 minutes.


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  1. The fact that this is based on Dave Berry’s work sounds familiar, but I think this skipped right by me. I was a big fan of Berry’s World with… the guy from Night Court. Forget his name. Will have to add this to my list.

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