A Beowulf review fit for Grendel’s mother


Just so you know, this is a review of the Director’s Cut. I try to review director’s cuts whenever possible.


I read Beowulf during Mythology class in college, but I don’t remember enough about it to know whether they did it justice here or not. When it comes to the score for this section, benefit of the doubt it is!


This is the type of role John Malkovich is best at. Beowulf was incredibly bland, though.


Either make your movie animated or make it live action. Don’t mix the two. It’s creepy.

Plus, this entire film went back and forth from looking real to looking like a Playstation 2 cutscene.

Product Placement

Obviously none.


This probably got a little higher score because it was the Director’s Cut. I’d be willing to sit through it again…maybe.

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  1. We just finished reading *Beowulf* in Literature class. I liked the movie when I saw it, but I never really saw what was so special about it, other than being such an intensely violent animated movie. My teacher, on the other hand, hates it. It seems her biggest concern is that Angelina Jolie plays Grendel’s mother, the second monster Beowulf encounters (after Grendel and before the dragon), and the result of motion capture is about ten times as beautiful as her own self. She showed us all two trailers for the film…yeah I didn’t remember it being *that *stupid.

  2. My friend was adamant that this was live action because he was so fooled by the visuals haha :D

  3. 2.4/3 really? I watched it when it came out and this is exactly when we were covering Beowulf in school, and honestly from all the movies which don’t really follow the actual story they are based on, this one is the cherry on top ..and what really creeped me out was that Angelina Jolie had high heels coming straight out of her feet!!

  4. I remember when this film came out back in 2006, there was so much hype for it. So I decided to check it out and I was so underwhelmed it was ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong the film isn’t terrible, but it is nothing special either. The story was alright, the visuals were pretty impressive, but other than that the film just failed to ‘wow’ me. I also waited throughout the film just to hear his “I AM BEOWULF!” line and where it was delivered was just so disappointing.

  5. I’d sit through it again for Angelina Jolie’s CGI’d butt

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