I’ll show you the life of the mind, with this Barton Fink review



It took a while to get started, and then just sort of ended with nothing really getting resolved.


All of the characters here are the same type you’d expect from a Coen Brothers film.


It’s a very brown movie, but it has to be some color, I suppose.

Product Placement

Nothing at all.


I probably won’t, but then again I might. TIWAM: Your online destination for the finest in non-committal reviews.


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9 comments on “I’ll show you the life of the mind, with this Barton Fink review

  1. I’m really starting to get confused by your rating system… out of what you said it’s a movie that really did absolutely nothing worth checking out yet got a 2.6… seriously man…

    • There were no problems with the characters, visuals, or product placement. It wasn’t awful. It’s the low end of “good”.

      • you basically just gave it a 26 out of 30… hows that low end? I’m tell you man… your rating systems wacked…

        • It’s not 26 out of 30. There are only 11 possible scores, which makes it the same as a 0-10 star system.

          It’s actually the same as an 8 out of 10 stars score.

          • 2.6 out of 3 can technically be equal to 26 out of 30… and 8 out of 10 is still high… that’s like a 4 out of 5… which is a ‘really liked’ in the rating world… told you… it’s all wiggidy wacked…

          • There are only 15 points available 😉

            Also, keep in mind that in an effort to keep my reviews short, I sometimes only focus on the negative things that knocked the score down. A 2 can mean “not bad, but it could have been better” or “totally bland” depending on the film.

          • why only focus on the bad then… i mean it makes me all like man i so ain’t seeing that… when really you’re all like it ain’t so bad… just saying… just sayin… 😛

  2. I found your debate with ‘rgdole’ quite interesting; but really buddy you don’t have to explain anything to that fellow (or woman). He/she is just trying to push you down.
    But a query on your review, what exactly do you mean the movie was a ‘brown movie’, do you mean it was in B/W with sepia tint, or in Eastman colour. I haven’t seen this movie yet.

    • Haha she and I have fun disagreeing on everything :)

      By a “brown movie” I meant there were a lot of brown things in it…sets, costumes, props, etc.

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