I reviewed Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans till the break of dawn, baby



Sometimes films let you in right from the start. Sometimes they require you to warm up to them. Sometimes, as is the case here, they simply refuse to let you into their world because they keep referring to characters, relationships, and past events that they won’t show or explain to you.


Nicolas Cage was his usual crazy self. I mostly took off a point because I wasn’t given a reason to care about any of the characters.


What is the deal with the show-stopping closeups of reptiles?

Product Placement

Not enough of anything to mention here.


This one was in my DVD stack for a long time. Usually I end up regretting putting movies off for so long when that happens, but this time I mostly just regret watching the film in the first place.


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15 comments on “I reviewed Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans till the break of dawn, baby

  1. Do try to see the original with Harvey Keitel, if you haven’t already seen it. The mystery is why a terrific movie got remade as a bad, bad movie.

  2. “What is the deal with the show-stopping closeups of reptiles?”

    Is this your first Werner Herzog film? I wasn’t a big fan of this one either, but he has his own wavelength. Port of Call is probably a bad place to start with him. You can only access its world by understanding Herzog’s world.

    Also, yeah the original with Harvey Keitel, directed by Abel Ferrera, is a far superior film. The primary reason that it was remade is that Werner Herzog saw fit to remake it. Why he bothered, I can’t tell you.

    • Haha I think it is my first. Actually I’m not sure. I don’t know much about directors…or movies in general haha

  3. I agree, I thought you were in my reader but I guess not??? I’m confused.

    • I moved TIWAM to a self hosted site. I still use my WordPress.com account to read / like / comment on other blogs in the Reader, but not to post reviews.

  4. I know i mentioned it on reddit but def check out the original some great lines in by Keitel. I think i remember reading that the studio insisted on calling the remake the Bad Lieutenant over the objections of Herzog.

    original is streaming on netflix.

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