Roll out the welcome home carpet for this At Any Price review

At Any Price review

For the record, I was really close to giving this review the title “This At Any Price review is gonna get you to NASCAR.”


This would have been more interesting if they hadn’t loaded it down with farmer jargon, and that ending was almost Arbitrage levels of uninspired.


Dennis Quaid does pretty good as a sleazy business-minded know-it-all. Even Zac Efron managed to make me forget his High School Musical days…almost.

However, several of the supporting characters were mostly unnecessary.


If you keep the camera still and turn on some lights, there’s not much you can do wrong with the flat landscapes of Iowa, I guess.

Product Placement

The cooler full of candy bars doesn’t count, because it looked like they had a bunch of different kinds in there.


It wasn’t an awful movie, but that ending is mostly what’s going to keep me from rushing back.


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  1. This one really took me for a surprise, and it was a good one. Actually saved the movie and made it somewhat memorable. Good review.

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