Arbitrage? More like Garbitrage



The parts about the car accident and the toll booth were interesting, but the parts about the money were incredibly boring and confusing.

I took an extra point off for the Bjork song that played during the end credits the incredibly lazy and unsatisfying ending.


Richard Gere did not do a convincing job of being angry when the script called for it, and the relationship between him and the young guy was never explained well enough.


I was tempted to take a point off here for the ending, too, since part of the laziness of it was visual, but since everything else was okay, I won’t.

Product Placement

Applebee’s has shown up in this section of my reviews almost as many times as Dunkin Donuts, but in this film, they were only briefly mentioned towards the end, and the main character didn’t even know what it was, so I will let it slide…especially since the name of the gas station shown in the film was obscured.


This film was bland, and the ending was so bad that I felt like I had wasted 3 hours of my life after the film was over, despite the fact that it was only an hour and 47 minutes long.

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  1. Wow, another one I’ll be staying away from. I HATE poor finales, and your mention of feeling like you lost 3 hours is just the icing on the cake.

  2. It gets a 79% from me. The money part really was focused on way too much. This is a movie for wealthy people like Gere was portraying but thats about it. He did an amazing job to tell the truth, Gere is a great actor, and he fit the role pretty well. But there was just too strong of a focus on that money crap. However I don’t think it had a poor finale, and I don’t think I lost 3 hours of my life. It is an interesting film. My 3-word review was “Thrilling and Articulate”

  3. Eatin’ Good in the Neighborhood.

  4. Yikes! I really wanted to see this because of Tim Roth. Now I’m starting to think I should avoid it, especially if the ending is bad…

  5. Was actually pretty boring and as okay as Gere was, he still is on my shit-list and never getting off of it, either. Good review.

  6. I think the only movie I’ve ever like Richard Gere in is Pretty Woman… did you see him in the Jackal… like he could ever take down Bruce Willis… so unrealistic…

  7. Oh I love the title for this review! I just laughed and laughed when I saw it. I like stuff like that, keep up the awesome titles.

  8. Ya know, I just had to read this review after your title made me laugh! This was on my list of movies I still wanted to see from 2012, but now…NOPE! haha

    and btw, you should know, I find myself looking for more product placement in movies all because of your reviews! :) Nice. Keep it up man.

  9. This one wasn’t even on my radar, but great review :). Now I find myself wanting to watch just to see if it’s as bad as you say lol.

  10. That title is weak, but so is the film haha :D

  11. Again, I look forward to your reviews, I’m so glad you reviewed this one it look terrible from the pic of Richard Gere on the front cover. I’m still waiting for him to get an acting gig where he can show off his chops. But sadly, it may never happen since he’s up there in age.

  12. Funny enough the thing that almost got me to watch this one were the parts that turned you off. I’m in the finance industry so I was looking for a good fix of actual industry story but instead read the dvd jacket and was turned off by stuff like car crash, affair, etc. Decided not to bother.

    Also Richard Gere might be too far into his teachings with the Dalai Lama to properly express any emotions other than smug contentment. May be time to take him off the list of actors to watch.

  13. Ok, THANK YOU. I heard so much buzz about this and an Oscar nod for Gere that I rented it on XBOX Live and was still waiting for a plot when the credits rolled. I don’t like Gere, but once a decade he throws out a performance that just slaps me upside the head (The Hoax, Primal Fear). He’s good here, no doubt, but there’s no plot! Ugh, frustrating. Good review, man.

  14. […] more interesting if they hadn’t loaded it down with farmer jargon, and that ending was almost Arbitrage levels of […]

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