What’s the Appaloosa review I’m looking for?

Appaloosa review

Turns out Appaloosa is not a smart phone festival after all.


This is mostly a by-the-books (a.k.a. “boring to me”) Western, albeit one with a strange fascination for huge vocabulary words and too much time spent discussing feelings.


Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen made a fun team. Too bad this movie contains my least favorite Jeremy Irons and Renee Zellweger roles, though.


Typical Western visuals. Everything’s all brown and tan, and that’s perfectly fine.

Product Placement

This section can be skipped on some movies, such as this one.


I’m not much of a fan of Westerns**, despite having reviewed three in recent months, and this one is just way too long.

**Is Westerns capitalized?

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3 comments on “What’s the Appaloosa review I’m looking for?

  1. I remember this one. Barely, but I do remember it nonetheless. That’s all I got. Nice review.

  2. Appaloosa…isn’t that the one Ed Harris wrote, directed, starred in…?

    I like the smart phone opener. 😉

    I myself am a Grammar Nazi, and I really don’t know whether “western” is capitalized when referring to the genre. I alternate, often by mistake.

    Good review!

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