Yo, brother, where art thou? Over here, reviewing Amos and Andrew


Welcome to the third installment of Nicolas Cage Weekends, going on all October long and probably the cause of the substantial decrease in TIWAM’s daily hit counts this month.


Nothing like a string of comedic misunderstandings stemming from pride, nosey neighbors, and racism to help bring in the laughs.


Samuel L. Jackson and Nicolas Cage are an amazing match. They should team up again.


This movie’s a bit dimly lit at times, but not enough to cause problems.

Product Placement

The Doritos bag was folded down, obscuring the logo, so I won’t count it.


I have no idea why the used DVD store always has at least 4 copies of this. You’d have to be crazy to get rid of it!

11 comments on “Yo, brother, where art thou? Over here, reviewing Amos and Andrew

  1. This Is One I May Have To Watch Again Before Giving You True Feedback. I Saw It About 10 Years Ago, And I Remember Being Bored To Tears. Perhaps A Little More Time Under My Belt Will Have Changed My Mind. I Just Don’t Know. I’ll Rent It Again And Let Ya Know, Dude. :)

  2. I watched this when I was pretty young, about the only thing I remember about it is later on when I heard people referring to Amos and Andy, I thought they were talking about this movie. I’ve still never seen Amos and Andy.

  3. I may just have to catch this one.

    And darn, judging by the first sentence, I thought I was in store for a Coen’s brothers film review. But then I was trying to figure out if Cage was in O Brother, Where Art Thou?… I guess he wasn’t, haha!

    And, are you going to be visiting the Ghost Rider flicks for any of these Cage weekends?

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