This Almost Famous review is a think piece, respectfully



I’ve never been much into ’70s music, or the ’70s in general really, and I’ve never traveled with a band, but I still find this movie highly relatable.


I keep telling you guys that every actor has at least one role I like. Today’s proof of this is Kate Hudson.

I’m not sure why she was front and center on the promotional materials though. Patrick Fugit was the main character, and he did a great job.


The opening credits were unique, and the whole film did a good job of replicating the ’70s.

Product Placement

A couple of real magazines. In this case, it did add to the realism.


I only watched this because someone told me Mitch Hedberg was in it. Even though he had zero lines and 2 seconds of screen time, I don’t regret my decision.


16 comments on “This Almost Famous review is a think piece, respectfully

  1. One of my big blind spots. Nicely done. Must watch that movie soon!

  2. A well-deserved perfect score! Loved this one! The cast is amazing!

  3. I’m sure a poster of Patrick Fugit in his underwear would have people lining up to see the movie. One of my favorite Mitch Hedburg jokes. “I hate wearing turtlenecks, it feels like a really guy choking you… all day. And if you wear a turtleneck and a backpack, it feels like a weak midget trying to bring you down.” and of course there’s “when people hand me a pamphlet, it’s like they’re saying ‘here, you throw this away'”.

    • Haha nobody had to be in their underwear.

      But everyone should know at least one good Mitch Hedberg quote.

  4. I don’t know who Mitch Hedberg is, but this is my absolute favourite movie of all time. I’m doing my happy dance right now because you gave it a perfect score :)

  5. Great movie. Yes, it HAS to be the only Kate Hudson movie that doesn’t suck..

  6. I haven’t seen this film in a good few years, but I remember watching it for the first time and it really leaving a good impression on me afterwards. Good review man! 😀

  7. They couldn’t have made this film any better so I agree it deserves a perfect score.

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