An Alexander review, fit for the sons of Zeus

Alexander review

This is a review of Alexander Revisited: The Final Cut, the only one of the three four versions of this film that I’ve seen.


I wasn’t really a fan of the way the story jumped around in time so much, but it never really got confusing.

Other than that, I’m sure there was plenty that could have been left out…and most surely was in the other versions.


Colin Ferrell is not a good fit for the title character at all, but there are so many other actors who are a good fit in this movie.


Plenty of huge, sweeping landscape shots, and battle scenes without the added nuisance of shaky cam.

Product Placement

Obviously none of this going on here.


At 3.5 hours, this is, by far, the longest movie I’ve ever seen. I mentioned above that there were parts that didn’t really need to be there, but it somehow never really felt like it was too long.

I’d sit through it again.

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10 comments on “An Alexander review, fit for the sons of Zeus

  1. Longest film you’ve ever seen? You need to move “Gone With the Wind” to the top of your queue.

  2. 4 versions, I wasn’t aware of that (I just knew there were 2 directors cut, and the released version). I liked the version I watched, but yes it was pretty long. But yes, I think I can re-watch it now (I watched it about 8 years ago). Speaking of ‘Gone with the wind’ (1939), it’s my second all time favourite movie. Of course at 10 you wouldn’t have liked it, but then you grow up and your taste improve (or should Ha!). I was in about 26 when I watched it and loved it, and have watched it a zillion times now. If you can, watch it on the big screen, my first time was on a big screen when it was shown for a festival.

  3. Whoa I didn’t know about two other versions. Surprisingly positive review as well. But good. I’m curious now.

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