Dear Ndugu, I reviewed About Schmidt today…



I’ve never seen a movie that started out so dull and uninteresting and got slowly better as it went along. The final scene was one of the best I’ve seen in a while.


If it wasn’t for his letter writing, the main character may have been as dull and uninteresting as the story was at first. I mostly let them keep the 3 here because Randall was great.


Nothing worth noting. At least nothing I usually mention, anyway.

Product Placement

Forget ChildReach, Woodmen of the World, the various items in the grocery store, the Lays potato chips…

Any film that completely stops the flow of the narrative so that the main character can go inside Dairy Queen and order a Blizzard (and then not even show him eat it or even hold it) deserves a 1 in this category.


I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy this or not. I’m still not sure if I enjoyed this or not.

I do recommend watching the deleted scenes, if for no other reason than the overly-apologetic and explanatory title cards from the film makers.

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  1. Hated at the start loved it by the end, usually it’s the other way around, it was a pleasant surprise to see my opinion change scene by scene

  2. One of, if not, Nicholson’s best roles and totally solidifies him as one of the best dramatic actors, that can have us feel something for his character, even when he remains almost emotionless the whole time. Good review.

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