I found this A Man Apart review hiding in the attic

A Man Apart review

It’s still Vin Diesel Week!


Sure, it’s a story that’s been done several times over, but what movie isn’t? I thought the prison conversations between the good guy and the bad guy throughout the film were a nice touch that I haven’t seen before.


Who cares if Vin Diesel seems to always play “tough guy with a good heart” roles? He’s great at it. He and Larenz Tate make a good team, too.


So apparently not all Blu-rays are created equal. This one was a bit grainy, but that’s not what this section is about.

I have nothing else to mention in this section though, so I brought it up.

Product Placement

They maybe mentioned some cars or something. Nothing worth writing about.


This isn’t really my kind of movie. It’s a little too graphic and violent for my tastes, but that isn’t saying it wasn’t good.

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  1. Hmm, thanks. I will have to give this a looksee:-)

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