Roll the dice and take your chances, it’s an A Few Good Men review

A Few Good Men review

And you thought the title was going to be “YOU CAN’T HANDLE AN A FEW GOOD MEN REVIEW!”, didn’t you?


For me, this didn’t get really good until the second half, but the first half was necessary in order for the second half to be as good as it was.


Outside the courtroom, Tom Cruise’s character was snarky and unlikable, but inside the courtroom, that all changed.


Some nice establishing shots throughout helped keep things interesting from a visual standpoint.

Product Placement

The main character liked to drink Yoohoos, but it’s not something they focused on much.


My attention span is getting shorter by the day, and this movie is probably a little too long (and a little too full of courtroom jargon) to hold my interest on a second viewing.

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7 comments on “Roll the dice and take your chances, it’s an A Few Good Men review

  1. I just thought it was crazy they thought they could get away with beating a guy to death just because it was orders…

    • They don’t have the ability to question orders.

      • you always have the ability to question orders… the UMCJ makes it a crime to disobey any LAWFUL order… people have been kicked out just as this guy ended up being for giving unlawful orders… I mean someone tells me to go mop the floor I have to go mop the floor… someone tells me to steal them a cookie from the break room, then that is unlawful… and I have to disobey…

  2. This is one of my all time favorite movies, and definitely my favorite pieces that Sorkin wrote, and I’m a huge fan of his writing. To me Kevin Bacon’s character makes the whole thing.

  3. Good film, definitely; a little too long, probably.

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