Good morning, Lucy. Here’s a 50 First Dates review

50 First Dates review


I’m conflicted about this one. It was funnier than Adam Sandler movies usually are, but the story itself seems mean and manipulative.


It’s one of those rare movies where Adam Sandler doesn’t play an extremely angry or extremely immature character, but there was a mixture of really awful and really great supporting characters.


Stable camera? Check. Good lighting? Check. No scenes where Adam Sandler is wearing a dress? Check!

Product Placement

Lots and lots and lots of Spam. You know, just like the real Hawaii.** It’s not as “in your face” as the product placement in other Adam Sandler movies, but it’s still there.

**I have never been to the real Hawaii. Please contact the Send Justin to Hawaii Fund to make a donation today.


What can I say? Despite a few flaws, I had more fun with it than I expected.

In closing, since I seem obligated to mention his name in every section when I review one of his movies…Adam Sandler Adam Sandler Adam Sandler.

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15 comments on “Good morning, Lucy. Here’s a 50 First Dates review

  1. No Adam Sandler fan me, but I enjoyed the movie. This movie, in my opinion, scored very high on the rewatchability meter.

  2. I remember watching this in the cinema back in 2004, its one of my favourite Adam Sandler films and it reminds me of a time when he was still awesome and made good films. That being said this film is really heartbreaking due to the fact that Sandler’s character has to go through so much for this girl because of her memory issues. It hurts watching all the suffering he has to go through, but I guess that shows how much her really loves her in the end.

  3. Dumb-ass ending, but the rest of it’s okay. A lot better than most of Sandler’s features. Nice review.

  4. Something about Drew Barrymore seems to bring out the best in Sandler. Have watched this one more than a few times.

  5. how did I not get an alert of this review? I agree with all of the above… accept how is it manipulative? how can you manipulate someone who doesn’t remember you the next day? though I’ve never been a big fan of Adam Sandler… they’re the kind of movies that are nice to catch on TV but aren’t worth actually owning…

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