Give me a uniform, and I’ll give you a 42 review



Movies based on true stories are usually interesting, and this was no exception. Despite dealing with a serious subject, this movie still gave off a “friendlier” feel than what I was expecting.


Chadwick Boseman and Nicole Beharie were great, but I think Harrison Ford got confused and thought he was supposed to be playing a grisly old prospector.

Then again, that’s true for most any recent film I’ve seen him in.


Everything had kind of a golden glow to it, but I suppose that helped make it feel “historical”.

Product Placement

A few old-timey billboards on the baseball fields, but that’s to be expected.


The main thing that would keep me from watching this again right away is that baseball for me is almost as boring to watch as golf.


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14 comments on “Give me a uniform, and I’ll give you a 42 review

  1. Great movie… One of the positives of this year…

  2. Interesting, I thought the characters were what made the whole movie work. Then again, I have a huge soft spot for the grumpy old Harrison Ford persona found in all of his latest work!

  3. A good bit of it as far as the baseball scenes go were filmed in my new hometown Chattanooga, TN.

  4. Surprisingly heartfelt and sweet, even if it is a bit by-the-numbers. That’s expected though. Good review.

  5. I’m surprised you took off a point for Harrison Ford. I personally thought he was great in this film and worthy of a Best Supporting Actor nomination.

  6. Glad to hear that you liked the film, gives me hope for when I eventually get to see it when it comes out over here in the UK. Cool review yo.

    • If you like biographical movies, you’ll enjoy it. I’m surprised it’s not there yet! Movie schedules are crazy.

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