This 3 Days to Kill review is not a man’s color

3 Days to Kill review


I wanted to like this, but it turned out to be a Die Hard clone that tried to be too funny at times. Also, the more interesting of the two stories got pushed so far aside that I thought they had forgotten it.


Why was the main (non-daughter) female character giving off such an evil vibe the whole time? It felt like Kevin Costner’s character was interchangable with several Tom Cruise or Bruce Willis roles.


I get the point of the disorienting effects, but sometimes it felt like they went too far with it. Or I’m too queasy.

That’s right. This movie got a point deduction for my personal problems.

Product Placement

Some people might say something about the cars, but they’re covered under my “they gotta drive something” rule.


Not much more than a forgettable action movie, but it’s okay if you have…time to kill.

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2 comments on “This 3 Days to Kill review is not a man’s color

  1. I think they just gave him three days to kill the Wolf guy because they needed a title. The stakes didn’t feel very high, because I love how these guys are said to be terrorists, but it looks like they’re just on the run. Or something? Yeah, I have to agree about Amber Heard – she just looked so dark and by the vibe she was giving, especially in the trailer, I thought she was going to be the villain! I just finished my review and I say “one probably won’t be able to tell if she’s a good girl or a bad girl.” Does that sound sexual the way one would read it in their head? LOL

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